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Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer Works , Sealed Box

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Category: Zepp Tennis 3d Swing Analyzer Ki

Brand: Zepp MPN: ZA1T2NA
Model: Tennis UPC: 852067005074

Capture and instantly review your match performance and practice sessions
Play Tracking mode for analyzing your Power, Consistency, and Intensity and tracking your improvement over time
3D Serve mode for evaluating racket speed, ball speed potential, spin, backswing time, and impact time on every shot
Replay and review your serve in 360 degrees from any angle
Exclusive video training content from Milos Raonic and top coaching professionals, including step-by-step tips and drills
Includes Zepp sensor, racket mount, pro mount, and apps for iPhone or iPad
Easily attaches to any tennis racket and wirelessly sends data to your iPhone or iPad
he Zepp Tennis training system consists of a motion sensor, racket mount, and mobile app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that helps you capture and analyze your performance on the court. Just attach the sensor to the handle of any tennis racket and swing away to get instant feedback on your iOS device. Now you can track your matches and practice and get to know your game like never before.
Play Tracking mode
Receive personalized reports instantly after every match or practice session to see what aspects of your game are the strongest and where you may need to focus on improvement. Session Reports provide a complete shot breakdown by measuring three core areas of your game; Power, Consistency, and Intensity. Tap into these three focus screens to get detailed analysis on what is happening on the court along with tips and drills from Milos Raonic and top coaching professionals.
Quickly see your most and least powerful shots from each session, and your lifetime averages. Analyze the racket speed and spin of every shot by type (Serve, Forehand, Backhand) and spin type (Topspin, Flat, Slice) to see where you’re the strongest and where you need extra practice.
Measure how consistent you are by seeing where the ball is connecting with the racket. With the Sweet Spot indicator you get a visual breakdown of every shot. See your best and worst shots so you can practice more efficiently on areas that need the most improvement.
Understand how effective your match or practice sessions are with the Intensity measurement. Intensity factors in active time, total time, and shot count to show you how hard you worked compared to your lifetime averages. Get more out of your matches and practice sessions by increasing your intensity.
3D Serve mode
See your serve instantly in 360 degrees from any angle in 3D Serve mode. Track your racket from start to finish and see at what point you’re making contact with the ball. Paired with the 3D visual you’ll see racket speed, potential ball speed, spin, backswing time, and impact time serve metrics.