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1979 Seiko Black Panther 2 Tennis Racket with Head Cover

Estimated price for orientation: 100 $

Category: Fine Heads

Brand: Seiko Sporting Goods Grip Size: 4 1/4"
Model: Black Panther 2

     This is a Seiko Black Panther 2 tennis racket, manufactured and copyrighted by Seiko Sporting Goods. I am unsure of the value of the racket itself, but it does appear to be quite rare, as I am totally unable to find any trace of it on the internet. What I was able to find, however, was a little bit of the history of Seiko Sporting Goods.     Notice how "Seiko" on the head cover looks really similar to the "Seiko" on a Seiko watch? Well, the Seiko watch company thought it was a little too similar as well. Search up "Seiko Sporting Goods USA v. Kabushiki" sometime to read about the legal conflict between the two companies.     I believe that, as a result of the dealings between the two Seiko companies, this racket has become an uncommon oddity. By all means feel free to make me an offer--as I stated before, I've honestly got no idea what this thing is actually worth.     If you have any questions or would like to see additional pictures, please do not hesitate to shoot me a message.Thanks for your interest and enjoy. :)-TJ