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Blue Tennis Balls Case

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Product Description A Tennis Ball designed with ACCESS & FUN in mind! There are over 360 million balls produced each year that serve no other purpose in their life span than bounce. To fix this dilemma, Tennis Central has re-envisioned the entire nature of the product. Imagine a ball that opens up millions of possibilities worldwide ranging from connecting with players, to finding coaches, locating courts, and accessing special offers from events and manufacturers alike. CONNECT seamlessly With over 65 million tennis fans in the US alone, finding players should be the easiest part about the sport. However, according to the Tennis Industry Association, this is the #1 issue that amateur tennis players experience. With BlueTM and the Tennis Central App, you automatically connect with thousands of tennis players in your area. By using our FREE ITunes and Android compatible mobile app, or our tenniscentral website , you are one click away from finding your match. Tennis is Social and BlueTM has your back. IMPROVE swiftly Let's face it, tennis lessons can get costly and the learning curve in the game can sometimes take forever! What do you say we cut this myth in ½? BlueTM is 10% softer than a regular tennis ball and this makes all the difference. Amateur players' rallies are increased and more quality repetitions means more positive practices. In addition, with your free membership to the Tennis Central App, you automatically access over $5000 worth of free online instructional videos to help you master the most common pitfalls in the game. BlueTM will propel your game faster and easier than ever before. PROTECT your body safely The #1 injury in Tennis is tennis elbow, but there are many other repetitive stress injuries that can sideline players for months. BlueTM is a softer ball that will protect your joints from the hard impact while giving you the comfort and the peace of mind required to play longer and injury free. We believe that the ball should not be the culprit